Post-Op Nursing Jobs at Lakeland Regional Medical Center

In-Depth View

As a part of the Lakeland Regional Medical Center Heart Center, our 48-bed post op surgical unit provides exceptionally competent and compassionate care. We treat our patients as though they were members of our family. We are looking for detail oriented, experienced RNs that are flexible and adaptable, and skilled at assessments and critical thinking. This is a fast paced unit and we work together as a close-knit team to deliver exceptional care. 
Bring your "can do" attitude to our team. 

Designed to let you do what you do best.

This unit handles post op cardiovascular (cardiac surgery, CEAs, Thoracotomies, vascular) and gynecologic surgery. This is the primary unit for management of stable DKA patients needing insulin gtt., CHF, chest pain, and other patients needing cardiac monitoring/cardiac gtts. 

All of our beds have the capability for telemetry, NIPB, SPO2 monitoring and four of our rooms have ceiling lifts. 
Our nurse to patient ratio is 1:4/5 on days and 1:5 on nights - our goal is to match skills of the staff with acuity of the patients. The nursing staff is supported with PCA and HUC, and we have a team leader or relief for each shift, and an overall nurse manager. 
The average length of stay is 4.2 days and we can admit/discharge 12-20 patients in a day. We receive transfers from SICU, other Critical Care units, our very busy ED and direct admits.


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